Some advice on how to get to the CyberPunk Culture Conference for those of you traveling from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’.


You can fly into the conference by hovercar or spinner if you like. There are plenty of sky-parking spaces available close by the venue.

If you prefer public transport, there is a pneumatic travel tube, right across the street from the conference venue.

Or, if you have the means and feel like renting a sleeve, there is a psychasec clinic in town that provides alternative body options.


The Raven Hotel, Bay City

The Raven Hotel is the number one accommodation for cyberpunk aficionados. It is run by the illustrious AI Poe and comes with all necessary amenities, including guest-protection services.

New Rose Hotel

This is where zaibatsu clients go, where the shady deals that rule the world are made. Stay here and forever be associated with the world of corporate espionage.

Hotel Artemis

Hotel Artemis is less a hotel and more a refuge for the nightrunners, hackers, and street-fighters that cyberpunk is so fond of. With enough cash, you can buy the services of this establishment, which include new passports and no-questions-asked medical treatment.

The MGM Grant

This hotel has seen better days and better customers. A bit off the beaten path in a sandy part of town, you will only meet retirees here.