CyRN: The Cyberpunk Culture Research Network

After the success of the CyberPunk Culture Conference (July 9-10, 2020), this website will become the platform of a loose network of scholars interested in research in cyberpunk culture. The idea is to provide a collection of materials on the various topics of cyberpunk related research, as well as organize digital events such as readings, workshops, and talks. Ultimately, the plan is to form a long-lasting relationship between researchers and creatives to foster cyberpunk as a contemporary representation of our digital and social reality. Here you can engage with CyRN.

CyberPunk Culture Conference

This page is your main resource for the 2020 version of the CyberPunk Culture Conference, it gathers all pages of…

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CyRN Book Club

Roughly every 10-12 weeks we are organizing a CyRN Book Club meeting on Discord. Here you can see the books…

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The Cyberpunk Culture Research Network is a loose organization without formal structures – basically by registering you are signing up…

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