The CyberPunk Culture Conference 2020


A first draft of the program is now done. For your convenience, we have put all the presentations into a…

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Official registration for the CyberPunk Culture Conference 2020 is now open. Please fill out the form below to register for…

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How it works…

The CyberPunk Culture Conference 2020 will take place on July 9th and July 10th, 2020. We will not be able…

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Keynote & Roundtable

CPCC20 announces the keynote by Pawel Frelik on "Takeshi Was Here: Viral Revelations, Globalized Power, and Cyberpunk Myopia" to take place on Thursday, July 9th. For Friday, July 10th, the conference will host a roundtable discussion on "Living in Cyberpunk Times" featuring Sherryl Vint and Hugh O'Connell, as well as the editors of the Routledge Companion to Cyberpunk Culture (RCCC).

Paweł Frelik


Associate Professor of American Studies @ University of Warsaw

Sherryl Vint


Professor of Media and Cultural Studies @ University of California, Riverside

Hugh O’Connell


Assistant Professor of English @ University of Massachusetts Boston

The Editors


Anna McFarlane, Graham J. Murphy and Lars Schmeink of the RCCC

Why we do CPCC...

  • I love the idea of this conference. First and foremost, the CyberPunk Culture Conference is a meta-conference. How often do we have the opportunity to participate in a meeting that is exactly constituted in/by its own scholarly focus, i.e., cyberculture? This also means an opportunity to test-drive our critical posthumanism, to be aware of the intriguing complexities of our material participation in this entirely digital scholarly meeting. Here we are (again) in the future-present. While the future is already here, just not evenly distributed, to recall William Gibson, the “we” who will participate in CPCC20 find ourselves in a major technological distribution zone right now, whether we like it or not. 

    Veronica Hollinger, Professor of Cultural Studies, Trent University