Agnieszka Kiejziewicz holds a Ph.D. in the Arts and Humanities; the author of numerous academic publications, as well as monographs: Japanese cyberpunk. From avant-garde transgressions to the popular cinema (Kirin, 2018) and Japanese avant-garde and experimental film (Peter Lang, 2020). She is connected to the University of Gdańsk and Jagiellonian University in Cracow. She also cooperates with the research institutions, academic journals, cultural institutions, and art galleries (i.e., from Sweden, Finland, and Poland) – where she introduces and writes about film, audiovisual culture, or chosen aspects of Japanese culture. In her research activities, Dr. Kiejziewicz focuses on the role of new technologies in society, body transgressions, and visual experiments following the avant-garde aesthetics. Currently, she works on the art exhibition concerning cyberpunk movie memorabilia and on research articles about VR films.

Cyberpunk in the Modern Museum: Actuality, Future and the Challenges of Exhibiting Movie Memorabilia

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